Happiness: An Impossible Dream?

Family and community

In the not too distant past it was not unusual to have three or more generations of a family living under the same roof. Children would grow up surrounded by their family and would thus quickly advance socially as well as culturally. What has changed? Nowadays a child is expected to leave the house soon after college.

The advancement of communication and transportation technology could be partially to blame. After all, living a hundred miles away is no longer considered a barrier when it can be driven in a few hours or bridged with a single phone call. Families as a result are spreading out, no longer an undivided unit living together but a scattering of smaller individual close families that usually only consist of parents and children. For a child, growing up in one of these modern family units, the social bonds they form are often only with the members of their family that they see frequently due to close proximity. While a third cousin may have been considered just as much a part of the family as a brother when they were all living together, now these distant relatives are subjucated to being remembered at Christmas and birthdays at best.

The conclusion we have to draw, that no technology can replace the benefits we receive from face-to-face interactions, and any relationship formed entirely through phone calls or texts will never form the strong bonds that our community orientated minds crave. The result is generations of us growing up with incomplete social skill sets, that leave us open to a lifetime of hardship.


  1. Hello,
    The blame seems to be laid on society as a whole. I would say that if one is contemplating these thoughts and ideas, they are already on the right track to getting out from under the pressure.
    I think happiness is not a state that should be sought out. Learning how to be okay with being okay is much more important. This world seems to have only the two options: money or finding happiness – yes, I’m being extreme to prove a point. 😀
    What I can’t stand is listening to a guided meditation and having it turn into a “how to be more efficient in your job” lecture. The big cats turning the purity of meditation to their own profit again.

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