First Steps

Welcome to my quiet place;

my tree-house in the woods, my rowboat on a placid lake. To those interested, here I shall share the ever-slowly untangling ball of thread that is my thoughts! Whether it be poetry, short stories, history, or philosophy. If you like something you’ve read, want to critique or anything else feel free to share. All input positive, negative or otherwise is appreciated!

What’s this all about then?

I will not be producing the same kind of content ad-infinium but I promise everything I post here will be about a topic I am deeply interested in. I’ll also be trying to alternate the types of things I post to give a bit of variety to the blog but also based on what inspires me in the moment.

I am a lover of classical history and literature, philosophy, renaissance art and architecture and will often use these as inspirations for what I write. While I will sometimes write directly about some of these topics, most of what I post will only be loosely based on or inspired by them.  So, why not stop by and see if there’s something here for you?

My Writing

Villans as a reflection of the dark and frail side of human nature have always interested me. Even at a young age, I would always cheer for the villains. When, as they always did, they were defeated by the heroes, I probably reacted similarly to a football fan watching his team lose. Perhaps subconsciously I knew the victory of good over evil meant the absence of chaos and that the natural balance was now swung wildly out of order for the sake of rounding up the story to its conclusion. Ending a story with the character’s universe still maintaining balance is an important aspect of my writing style. No happily ever afters, no sailing off into the sunset. I want my worlds to still feel alive after the last page, as if their stories continue on, written in invisible ink upon the dreams of the reader. After all, a little chaos is in order…

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