Chris Black Writes

Hi! Welcome to my Blog! I’m Chris, 25, from Derbyshire, England. I have a passion for the classical world, world mythology, and philosophy. Whether it be poetry, non-fiction articles, or short stories, I want to share that passion with you!

Trying to understand the world one word at a time...

Everything is connected.

From the first single celled organism to the dawn of man. Our history is no different. To understand it, you have to go back to the very beginning. Every man, every book, every action, sends ripples through time that influence future generations.

From the source of those ripples I hope to shed new light and meaning on the world of today. Ancient Egypt, Babylon, the Roman Empire, the city states of Greece; they all have new stories to tell if we stop and listen.

Not every ripple has to be a tidal wave. If we can make one person smile, one person think, or one person change for the better. That’s enough to hope for.

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