The Little Prince

We are nothing but the stories we leave behind. So whatever your course in life, whatever the opposition or proclaim. Whatever Daemons of chaos seek to draw you out into the deep malevolent waters. Stand firm, Stick to your values, Set your sights upon the highest good & make it a good one.

Oh little prince, with your head held so high,

What kind of king shall you be?

With a mask of fine jade, and an emerald green eye,

What kind of king do I see?

Shall they call you The Just, The Wise, or The Brave,

What songs will they sing of your name?

Or will lust be your vice, and fear your device,

And to history you go down in shame?

Whether Caesar or Tsar, Sultan or King,

By blade, by pen, or by gold.

Remember young prince, the stories I tell,

For one day it’ll be your story told.


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