Snow ensnares the world in mystery, taking that we thought we knew and garbing it in new dazzling brilliance. But also, it reveals to us secrets of the hidden world we so easily overlook – the one scurrying around at our feet. Look down at the early morning powder and you will see a whole new world revealed to you. The scurrying feet of rabbits and hares, the lethargic dragging strides of sheep, the cubist designs of modern walking boots, the soft padding paws of dogs. Such an opportunity presents itself at rare occasions to view so intimately the daily lives of the natural world.

Still lies the wolf at the heart of the glade.

Rides the ‘morrow winds, crow-wings casting shade.

crack’d the yawning pines, thaws announced dawn.

Soon the vales lush, soon the gullies gush,

Earth’s catharsis unearths with a yawn.

Captured, entombed by crystalline camouflage.

An ode to the moon, a sonnet to the stars.

playful light prances – a balletic mirage.

perched atop the world, a lethargic dream awakes,

Heaven’s gate opens to ten-thousand dazzling shapes.

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