A Greek Odyssey… Cancelled!

Oh, Coronavirus! If it wasn’t for you I’d be lying on a beach on Delos right about now sipping mojitos through a curly straw! If I was an ancient Greek I’d be making sacrifices to Apollo trying to decipher what we’d all done to anger the son of Leto. But unless the God has decided to take an eastern escapade I don’t think we can blame him for this one!

This year I had planned set sail to the Aegean for whirlwind tour of the mythological and historical landmarks of Classical Greece. If Rome was the father of western civilization, Greece was the mother. There are more stories packed into every square mile there than in any other place on earth. After reading the tall tales of Herodotus and the rousing political speeches of Thucydides as well as the mythological foundations of Homer, I was well prepared with a long list of places to visit. And then came the days of the plague… (Dammit Perikcles how are we meant to social distance with every farmer in Attica inside the walls of Athens!?)

With my plans for a Greek Odessey ruined, I thought I’d write a quick article about all those wonderful places I would have visited instead! Oh well there’s always next year…

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