Whale Song: Lament to the Sea

I’ve always found Sound to be a powerful tool in harnessing the mind and drawing it in to focus on a task. This goes doubly so for creative activities. Over the years, I’ve played around with a variety of soundscapes to use when writing from classical music to silence. With each new thing I tried I’ve had varying degrees of success, but one of the strangest and most enthralling soundscapes I’ve been in love with recently is whale songs.

There is something terribly alien and yet altogether familiar about the melancholy, drawn-out cries of those solitary ocean giants. Castaways drawn in an endless search for a home that will never be found, for family that are long gone, for a world that is forever changed beyond their understanding. Or perhaps they do understand and it’s for that very reason they are so mournful?

A yawn so quiet, abyssal deep,
Sung elegiac echoes amidst half-sleep.
Broadcasts desperate, into endless unknowns,
Un-light reflections dazzle travelers alone.

Titans clash in midnight garbed,
senses silenced, frail and starved.
Deprived lights lost, to cries: anguished pride.
Notes drift pianissimo , on solitary tides.

Watery womb, aqueous tomb.
First and last to hear their tune.
Poisoned flows cast dark nets home,
Barbed devil-tongues lash, while surface pods roam.

Discord relapses, missing notes: hidden threat.
One hand on a keyboard can’t play a duet.
Ocean endless.
Acarpous sea.
What dread harmony is hunting me?

Link to a whale song Spotify playlist >>> here <<<

If you have a creative outlet I’d love to know, what sounds, if any, do you use to get in the mood and spark your creativity?


  1. I, too, am fueled by sounds. When writing, it would be the sounds of my breathing, wind and wordless world music. A bit specific, I know. As for most, each activity requires different sounds to assist me in my focus. Those are my top 3, however. You’re a lovely writer, by the way. I really enjoy your work.

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    1. Nothing wrong with having specific tastes! That sounds like a perfect combination to meditate and draw out those hidden ideas.
      I agree with having different tastes for each activity. Even when writing, depending on the scene I’m putting together I’ll prefer different tempos, instruments, and genres.
      Thank you for your kind words ❤ 
I put up something new every Saturday, I hope to see you around in the future 🙂

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