Morning Stoicism: Greek Philosophy for Modern Life

3) Love fate.

Zeno of Citium : founder of the school of Stoicism

There are some people that will always seek the worst in every event that happens. A new politician is elected and they pull apart their character flaws, a new construction project begins and they complain of the cost or the noise. We are goal orientated creatures and when we focus on a goal it can become all we see. If we focus on the negative, we will only see the negative. Learn to love fate. Learn to see the opportunity in every failure, setback, and misfortune. And remember what may seem bad for you, probably has benefited someone else. Your football team has lost a game? Think about how happy the fans of the other team are! Our opinion on any situation is entirely our own, no one else has control over this. Use that power, and nothing can break your will!

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