Morning Stoicism: Greek Philosophy for Modern Life

1) Premeditatio Malorum

Lucius Annaeus Seneca : Adviser to the young Emperor Nero

Ever got caught out by an unexpected shock? Unprepared for a sudden bill or caught out by a surprise pop quiz at school? Then try negative meditation each morning.
This means looking forward to your day and visualizing everything that could go wrong (ok maybe not everything, that could be excessive!) and then planning how you will deal with this. Keep a rainy-day fund for unexpected bills, keep on top of your studying rather than cramming it in last minute, and checking your diary for upcoming events and preparing for them are all practical aspects that follow on from this technique. Look out for the bumps in the road and you’ll be more ready to face them. This also means mentally preparing yourself to lose your current state of comfort. Don’t ever let yourself become so obsessed with comfort that the fear of losing it drives your life decisions. Prepare yourself by practicing minimalism every so often to remind yourself that the comfort you take for granted is not required to live a happy life.

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