A thousand threads.
Tangled web.
One gentle tug, undoes their meaning.
To stay on one path?
Or dance between them with careless abandon?

Why do the thinnest threads,
carry the heaviest loads?
And why are my feet drawn to them,
knowing I walk to the centre of the web?

Once reached, there is no escape.
My point of no return.
Alea Iacta est.
This road has no hard shoulder.
Keep driving till I reach the end.
Is there enough fuel in the tank?

Am I awake?
Or have dreams consumed my daylight hours.
Haunted by the threads left untouched.
Too many choices for one journey.
Too little time to make them all.
Do I leap, even though I’ll fall?

Who awaits to catch me?
Will the kings men put me back together again?
Or shattered shards, will I become?

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